Friday, 4 February 2011

The Foundation for IT Sustainability launches a Professional Members Programme.

image‘Computers Off’ was set up in Australia to educate individuals and corporations on the environmental footprint of technology and how to reduce it. It also encourages organisations to use sustainable technology to help reduce the environmental impact of the rest of their business.

The global, not-for-profit organisation has since changed its name to The Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS) and has now extended its coverage by launching a Professional Members Program. The aim is to help individuals in business, IT and environmental roles to stay up to date on green IT, promote the implementation of Green IT best practices, and encourage the development of more sustainable technology alternatives.

As well as keeping individuals up to date on the latest Green IT trends, technologies and news, the Professional Member Program benefits also include monthly Green IT webcasts, an annual Green IT guide, discounts on Green IT products and services, listing in the professionals directory and a 15% discount on the FFITS Certification for businesses.

Apparently 95 members had already joined up by last Wednesday. The cost is AUD$169 (US$171, Euro 124, UK£106 at current prices). I assume that’s for a year – the web site’s not clear.


Sounds good. The challenge will be in making the programme truly global. It’s a big subject, as readers will appreciate!

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