Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cisco extends the corporate wireless network to teleworkers

Cisco logo Cisco has announced OfficeExtend, a new wireless hardware and software solutions designed to extend the corporate wireless network to teleworkers.

The solution includes new access points, a full line of wireless controllers and a dual-band access point specifically designed for home workers. It means that the IT department can remotely manage home access points alongside the corporate infrastructure, incorporating existing control, management and security.

The new solution provides similar support for teleworking as for mobile office workers and is voice- and video-ready. For example, the new Catalyst 6500 Series Wireless Service Module supports up to 500 corporate and teleworking access points and can be scaled to support the increasing number of mobile devices running rich-media applications such as telepresence, voice and virtual desktops.

Ray Smets, vice president and general manager, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Cisco said: “The proliferation of smart mobile devices, the adoption of cloud services, and even government regulation are all changing the concept of workplace, and many employees have both the expectation and need to work from home. The Cisco OfficeExtend solution addresses the need for organisations to provide simple, highly secure wireless access to company resources for teleworkers either at home or in the office."


Teleworking is the new frontier for corporate networks and Cisco is making sure it has that part of the market covered. Access to the corporate network is an issue, particularly the security aspect, so anything that makes it easier to manage helps.

Home working is not guaranteed to be a greener alternative to going to the office – it depends on commuting distance, how you travel, the IT equipment used at home, how efficient home heating and lighting systems are, etc, but it can be more energy-efficient overall. Little things can make a difference, though, such as ensuring that the PC power management implemented at work is also applied at home. This is one of the challenges for PC power management software companies. 

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