Monday, 28 March 2011

Dell offers off-the-shelf desktop virtualisation service

Dell Earlier this month Dell announced the availability of its pre-packaged Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DDVS) aimed at making it easier to implement virtualised desktop environments for any end-user computing device.

DDVS includes the hardware, software and services in the Dell Integrated Solution Stack, which has apparently been used to deploy virtual desktop technology in a number of major organisations.

Dell’s offering includes it’s own purpose-built hardware and can also make use of its partnerships and alliances with industry leaders in virtualisation. DDVS is fully integrated with solutions from Citrix and VMware, which means that customers can adapt to their own circumstances.

There are four delivery models for DDVS:

    • Virtual Desktop as a Service (vDaaS) Solution – fully hosted and managed by Dell.

    • Managed Service Solution – Dell implements and manages the customer-purchased Integrated Solution Stack. 

    • Customer Managed Solution – Dell implements the customer’s Integrated Solution Stack on the customers site but turns over management after deployment.

    • Custom Solution – Dell provides design, build and/or implementation consulting services.

    Dell plans to expand DDVS to include solutions specifically designed for vertical markets. Examples of vertical solutions already available include Virtual Lab, for education institutions, and Mobile Clinical Computing Solution for clinicians in healthcare.


    Well desktop virtualisation is not necessarily green, it depends on a number of factors such as the devices used, the efficiency of the data centre and the telecoms load, something I pointed out in February when Ericsson and Novatium announced the global launch of their PC as a Service.

    In the case of Dell it should at least be fairly transparent. The company features Energy Star end-user devices and has been vocal about greening data centres.

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