Wednesday, 30 March 2011

HP partners with Hara for energy and sustainability management

HP Earlier in the month Hara and HP announced a joint offering combining HP’s Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) solutions and services with Hara’s Environmental and Energy Management solution (Hara EEM). The aim is to help organisations optimise their energy use and reduce their environmental impact.

The example given was communications company Avaya. The Hara and HP solution will provide the company with an overall view of its energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact to help it manage and reduce energy use and emissions. The tracking and reporting capabilities will also help Avaya deliver on its commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 15% by 2015.

HP followed up a couple of days ago with an announcement of new products, services and HP Labs research aimed at helping customers reduce their energy use.

At an ‘Unlocking Your Energy’ event in San Francisco on Monday HP introduced the EcoSMART portfolio, including solutions to help customers address energy use. HP EcoSMART fleet and console software options provide real-time performance information to help businesses save energy and track information to reduce their environmental impact.

The announcements included home energy monitoring research from HP Labs, including a tool that uses sensors and HP gateways to track energy consumption by room and appliance. HP also introduced the HP EcoSolutions Store, which features all HP’s Energy Star and EPEAT certified products.

The ‘Unlocking Your Energy’ tour is a global initiative by HP to demonstrate how energy efficiency, sustainability and profitability are compatible concepts for consumers and businesses.


There’s more information on all of this and HP’s other sustainability actions on the Environment part of HP’s web site.

If you’re interested in what other vendor’s are doing around green ICT, there are links to the relevant part of all the main players’ green portals on The Green IT Review web site.

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