Tuesday, 15 March 2011

UK companies Intergence and Green Energy Options partner to develop an energy monitoring solution

Intergence Systems, an IT optimisation consultancy and Cleantech company, and Green Energy Options (GEO), which designs and manufactures energy monitors and is active in a number of smart metering trials across Europe, have announced a partnership to develop an energy monitoring solution.

The aim of the partnership is to help organisations reduce energy consumption and save money by enabling staff to monitor exactly where and when energy is being consumed in the organisation. The partnership will help make it possible to identify and target inefficiencies at departmental, appliance and individual level and aims to encourage energy efficient behaviour for all employees. Ian Barnes, Head of Green IT at Intergence said: “Our work with GEO will raise awareness of energy consumption in the workplace; everyone will feel they have a stake in reducing the energy bill.”

The partners see the opportunity from the UK’s CRC Energy Efficiency legislation, which comes into full effect in 2012 when the first allowance sales start at a fixed rate of £12/tCO2. “There has never been a more crucial time for organisations to reduce the amount of energy they consume and the carbon they emit,” said Peter Job CEO of Intergence.

Apparently some of the early work from the partnership has already attracted the attention of the UK Government and is being developed to help achieve its recently announced strategy and targets.


It’s a timely reminder that it’s little more than a year until the impact of the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme hits home and payments need to be made (assuming that the CRC still exists – there still seems to be some reluctance from the government).

Assuming it does go ahead, the need to purchase allowances will concentrate minds on energy use and carbon emissions and is likely to generate renewed interest in the means to better monitor and effectively manage emissions. Expect more announcements like this one as the emphasis moves from monitoring to management.

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