Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Greenstone adds ICT footprinting to its carbon management software

Greenstone Greenstone Carbon Management, the UK-based carbon management solution company, has enhanced the latest version of its software to include carbon emissions analysis from IT equipment.

Version 2.5 of its Acco2unt, Greenstone’s  carbon management software, includes new functionality to enable organisations to measure ICT energy consumption and carbon emissions across organisations. The ICT footprinting capability covers servers, desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, networks, telephony, imaging and audio visual devices.  Energy consumption is calculated using a combination of power rating and live, standby and sleep time from each equipment type.

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone said, “We recognise that monitoring energy consumption and carbon emissions from an ICT estate is becoming an important area of focus for our clients who are looking to target their reduction investment in specific business activities.  We are also developing propositions with our partners who operate in the ICT space to help them demonstrate carbon, consumption and cost reduction opportunities to their clients through the implementation of their ICT solutions.”


It’s no surprise that carbon management solutions have started to focus on specific business aspects, particularly the ICT area, which can be the most significant energy user in many services companies.

ICT is also the obvious sector to deal with first because its the sector that carbon solutions providers know about. Expect to see other industries and business aspects receive similar focus in the future.

It also brings home the on-going need for specialist carbon management solutions. This is not a one-size-fits-all market and specialist suppliers will fill the niches. It will be hard for broad-based services and management consulting companies to meet all their clients’ requirements without calling on specialists.

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