Friday, 15 April 2011

The ITU has launched the Green ICT Application Challenge

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has launched a competition to find the best and most innovative idea for a climate change focused app. Called the Green ICT Application Challenge, the winning idea will win $10,000 thanks to sponsors Research in Motion (RIM Рthe Blackberry people) and Telefónica.

There are apps on the market that target carbon footprinting, but this competition is looking to go beyond that with apps that focus on, for example:

  • Mitigation of climate change through energy efficiency in sectors such as smart buildings, intelligent transportation systems, smart homes, etc.

  • Community engagement

  • Eco-design

  • Monitoring of climate change

  • Measurement of GHG emissions

  • Adaptation to climate change (e.g. use of applications for emergency telecommunications and alerting systems for disaster relief)

Contestants will need to submit a detailed concept with an explanation of how the idea helps combat climate change and provides an ICT solution to environmental or sustainability issues. It can be for the web, a personal computer or a mobile device.

The winner will also be invited to present their concept at the ITU’s Green Standards Week in Rome in September, and it may also be developed and showcased at the COP-17 climate change talks in South Africa in December.

Dr Hamadoun Tour√©, ITU Secretary General said, “We have seen how ubiquitous apps have become and how useful they can be. The Green ICT Application Challenge is our way of spurring a next wave of innovation tackling real world problems. We are excited to see what developers will create to influence this truly global problem.”


Well I’ve reported on a few possible contenders in the last couple of years, so maybe some of those will make the competition. If you know of any good examples pass the information on. The closing date for entries is 17 June, 2011 and more details are here.

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