Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Energy management research centre announced in Australia

Swinburne University of Technology in Australia has partnered with GreenWave Reality, a home energy management solution provider, to open an Energy Management Research Centre (EMRC). The idea is that the centre, based at the university’s Hawthorn campus in Melbourne, will serve as an international hub for thought leadership, excellence and experience in intelligent home energy conservation solutions.

The EMRC will including a research and development centre, a demonstration and training facility, and seminar and conference hall. The showpiece will be an Energy Efficiency demonstration room with a 50” 3D display used to demonstrate the real-time impact of energy conservation measures and technologies. It will also have a training room with the GreenWave Reality Home Energy Management platform running on a range of Internet-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets and PCs.

Swinburne University has a strong technological base and links with industry, as well as research centres and international partnerships. GreenWave Reality provides solutions that make it easier for consumers to understand their energy consumption as well as providing utilities with the tools to better appreciate energy usage patterns so that they can balance distribution on the grid.

The centre is expected to serve as a hub for international collaboration, so that scientists and technologists can explore additional energy saving measures.

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