Friday, 3 June 2011

Intel to introduce chips with faster wake-up

Intel Intel has developed new features for its next generation Core processor-based laptops which means that machines can be woken up more quickly from sleep or hibernation mode, saving time and battery life.

The new features are known as Rapid Start Technology, which wakes the machine up more quickly, and Smart Connect Technology, which keeps email and social networks updated automatically, so they’re always ready. 

According to TechWorld, the Rapid Start works by writing the PC's application state to a dedicated flash drive so it can quickly reload to that state (from hibernation) without rebooting. Smart Connect continuously updates content when in standby mode by periodically waking up to check emails and social media updates, before reverting to a sleep mode.

The features, which were announced at the Computex IT trade show in Taipei, are apparently partly in response to the use of tablets. According to Intel's Executive Vice President Sean Maloney “Users simply do not want to wait for a device to boot up”.


Technology that makes it more convenient to use the low power sleep and hibernation modes must be a good thing. According to the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, less that a quarter of desktops and laptops are using effective low-power settings on their machines – delays in waking up will be a contributing factor.

But why wait until tablet users complained? Shouldn’t Intel have been working proactively to make sure that putting machines into a low powered state was as convenient as possible?

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