Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Logica extends its sustainability strategy

LogicaI received an update on Logic’s sustainability offerings last week from Tony Rooke, the UK Sustainability Practice Leader. (It would have been face-to-face, but for signal failure at Watford). In a nutshell, the company is expanding its sustainability strategy, which now falls within the consulting arm, and has launched practices across country operations looking to drive repeatable business.

Up until recently Logica focussed on three areas of sustainability – carbon reduction, sustainable energy and sustainable mobility. That has now been expanded to encompass smart utilities and sustainable supply chain.




The focus is very much on aligning the sustainable propositions with client strategies, i.e. integrating sustainability with the business case. The cross-vertical country practices will take the lead role in developing propositions and leveraging other aspects of the business to deliver them.

There is also a new Head of Global Sustainability, Business Consulting Practice - Melba Foggo – who comes highly recommended from a role as Global Director at Ernst & Young’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice


It’s a broader strategy than the last time I spoke with Logica but it does seem to be built on real customer experiences which are being transformed into repeatable solutions. It comes across as a coming together of capabilities, rather than a wish list of market opportunities, which has been the case with some companies.

The challenge will be to maximise the business benefits across country operations. Sustainability progresses at different rates in different sectors and countries based on a lot of external circumstances, such as legislation, infrastructure projects, etc. There is a need for close international liaison with a good overview to leverage experience and maximise opportunities.

Also, Logica still has its reputation for technological capability, so I have slight reservations about the whole sustainability operation being labelled as ‘consulting’, for fear it suffers from association with other less hands-on approaches, but I see the logic of the positioning.

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