Thursday, 23 June 2011

Viridity Software tracks application power use

image The latest version of Viridity Software’s data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software will be able to assess the power used by specific applications and business processes.

Viridity’s EnergyCenter solution provides an analysis of data centre energy use based on the utilisation and power consumption of servers. It does it by identifying equipment, recording utilisation (based on processor activity) and then using reference tables of server power to assess actual energy use. The information serves as a reference point for data centre managers looking to save cost and space.

The new Version 2.0, due out in July, adds the ability to group or filter data centre assets based on application or owner. It means that physical and virtual servers can be associated with applications and lines-of-business, with energy consumption based on a database of thousands of server and application configurations. The new version can also reveal virtual machine sprawl and identify underutilised servers.


Data centre infrastructure and energy management solutions are getting more sophisticated all the time and Viridity is no exception. What’s different about Viridity’s solution is that it doesn’t need any additional hardware or software installed – it just identifies the hardware and application and checks its database for energy use. It means it’s fast to implement and relatively inexpensive, which is partly why the company is focusing on medium-sized organizations as its target market.

I guess the question is how accurate the solution is, i.e. what proportion of hardware and applications are identified in the database? No doubt it’s quite high and good enough for the requirements of mid-sized companies. But larger data centre managers may prefer actual measurement of energy use via sensors.

Clearly the company is doing something right. It raised another $8m from existing investors last September and earlier this year won the Uptime Institute’s 2011 Green Enterprise IT Awards (GEIT) in the ‘Outstanding IT Product In a User Deployment’ category. 

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