Tuesday, 5 July 2011

GreenRoad enhances its fleet monitoring solution for more fuel savings

GreenRoad GreenRoad, which developed the GreenRoad 360 solution to monitors vehicle and driver performance, has added new functionality to the software. Idling Heat Maps give fleet managers an overview of where vehicles are left idling, for instance to warm up a bus on a cold morning. Based on the information, policies can be customised to specific fleet vehicles and operations or locations.

GreenRoad’s technology measures a wide range of driving events such as speed handling, cornering, land handling, braking and acceleration. The data provides the driver with immediate feedback and is also sent back to the GreenRoad servers, where a web site provides real-time reports and analysis.  Managers and drivers can use the information to assess how they are driving, how they can improve their driving habits and to analyse risk.

GreenRoad says that customers typically achieve up to 10% savings in fuel consumption and have seen up to an additional 5% savings through proactive idling management.

Another enhancement to the solution is the ability to automatically capture incidents where a vehicle is travelling above the posted speed limit. GreenRoad has also included a set of application program interfaces for integration with other systems, including live data delivery such as GPS data and other fleet administration automation interfaces. It’s aimed at helping the move of fleet operations solutions to a cloud computing environments.


It sounds a bit Big Brotherish, with driver actions pretty much continually monitored, but the idea is that it saves fuel and increases safety. I would think it needs to be carefully ‘sold’ to drivers, but systems like this certainly have the potential to make a significant impact on fuel emissions – although the 10% gain in fuel consumption is not enough on its own to save the world.

GreenRoad seems to be doing it right, with over 70,000 fleet drivers apparently using the service, which has logged over three billion driver miles. The US company (with both a US and European HQ) has blue chip customers including First Group, the UK’s largest bus and rail operator company, logistics company Ryder, Iron Mountain, MasTec, DuPre Logistics, Stagecoach, CityLink and Quickway Carriers. It’s fast becoming a green IT success story that must be good news for the company’s backers; DAG Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Virgin Green Fund, Amadeus Capital Partners and Balderton Capital.

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  1. These things suck. I've had them go off driving straight down the road not speeding. Taking a corner at 5mph. I've heard of a truck that was reported to be doing 160mph through a lake when it was really parked. Wonder how many jobs these junks have cost?