Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pharos print management adopts Preton’s green printing technology

Preton, which provides software to save ink and toner costs in printing, has formed a partnership with print management software and services company Pharos Systems. Together they are offering a bundled software package aimed at increasing the control and cost savings of corporate printing.

Pharos Blueprint Enterprise software is designed to reduce printing cost and waste through tracking, monitoring and controlling corporate printing activities. It’s been enhanced by the integration of Preton’s Pixel Optimizer technology, which maintains print quality but reduces the ink used by leaving out pixels. The reporting features from the PretonSaver solution relating to ink and toner consumption have also been incorporated into Pharos’ Blueprint software.

Keith Nickoloff, President of Pharos Systems said “Pixel Optimizer will benefit our enterprise customers with a non-intrusive method for determining maximum savings levels and reducing supplies consumption.”


Printing is one area of green ICT often overlooked, as I discussed here almost a year ago. There are various solutions available on the market that can reduce the use of both ink and paper and there’s much that companies can do without spending any money, such as defaulting to a greener font, printer sharing, default duplex printing, etc. But this is the first time I’ve seen a tie-in between a print management solution provider and a company with specialist ink or print saving software. There are other companies, such as Ecofont, that offers ink-saving variants for common fonts, that may well be looking for a similar tie-in.

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