Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DHL launches an online logistics CO2 calculator

DHL Global Forwarding has launched a new tool for calculating the carbon emissions from shipments. The company’s customers can track emissions from road, sea and air transport using the online tool, known as the GoGreen Carbon Dashboard, which is part of Deutsche Post DHL’s GoGreen initiative.

DHL says it’s a response to sustainability regulations around the world that expect companies to manage, account for and reduce CO2 emissions associated with their supply chains.

imageThe Dashboard provides:

• An analysis of emissions associated with shipments.

• A detailed breakdown of the carbon footprint, including shipment mode, weight and volume, and
actual distance travelled.

• Calculations that can take into account carbon
emissions associated with 3rd parties.

• A baseline with meaningful KPIs, that helps companies work towards their carbon reduction targets.

• A ‘What if…’ function to analyse how carbon emissions
can be reduced through supply chain changes.

It’s all part of DHL’s broader green strategy. The company claims to be the first logistics provider with a quantified carbon efficiency target. The aim is to improve carbon efficiency by 30% by 2020 and, starting with an efficiency improvement of 10% by 2012.


Ultimately we’ll have a world where every supplier will be able to automatically calculate the carbon emissions for every product and service they deliver to a customer. You’ll be able to check and compare online before purchasing and for many customers the data will be automatically transmitted, along with the invoice, for integration with an in-house or online carbon emissions management solution.

The DHL system is taking the first steps towards this green IT ideal.

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  1. Were is the program?

  2. It only seems to be available as part of a DHL service. There are more details here: