Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Modius integrates with Intel for data centre power management

Data centre monitoring and management company Modius has announced that the Enterprise version of its OpenData solution will integrate with Intel’s Data Center Manager (DCM), which records power and temperature data from IT equipment in real time. By integrating with Intel’s DCM, OpenData will be able to provide enhanced data and analysis of the energy use of IT equipment and data centre facilities.


The functionality added to OpenData includes the ability to track power use and the temperature levels of devices and racks in real time, with warnings of any deviations. The integration will also provide visibility of power use from the UPS to individual servers, as well as cold spot and hot spot identification. The company believes that the information will help data centre managers improve efficiency and lower power costs, potentially expanding data centre capacity as well as providing early warning of any problems.

“Intel Data Center Manager coupled with OpenData Enterprise Edition enables data centre operators to gauge device-level performance and take actionable steps to plan for capacity and reduce energy consumption,” said Jeffrey Klaus, director, Data Center Solutions, Intel. “OpenData dashboards and reports with data from Intel DCM gives operators increased intelligence across a heterogeneous landscape of IT and facilities equipment.”


As I’ve said before, the data centre is becoming a battlefield for various companies offering the means to monitor and manage power use. It’s a good move from Modius, but it’s not the first to integrate with Intel’s DCM. Similar announcements have come from JouleX, Power Assure and CiRBA, all of who provide data centre power management solutions.

Given the range of methods and devices available to manage data centre power use – from virtualisation to power meters - it’s hard to see who the winners and losers will be. But integration, compatibility and standards will become the name of the game – something that the Open Data Centre Alliance should help with.

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