Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Onzo anticipates one trillion meter readings by the end of the year

imageUK company Onzo, which provides the means to track and analyse smart meter data and describes itself as the world’s leading expert in energy analytics, says it’s on track to record a trillion (1,000 billion) meter readings by the end of 2011.

The company puts the achievement down to its server architecture - known as Cortex – which has apparently already logged over 300 billion meter readings from the commercial deployment of its Smart Energy Kit. Onzo provides a range of methods for customers to access the meter data, including a web portal, printed report, display, smartphone, email and SMS alerts.

Onzo’s clients include Scottish and Southern Energy, which it says is the second largest utility in the UK and the ninth largest in the world, with more than nine million customer accounts.


It’s good to hear about a small UK company success in the Green IT/smart meter industry. Onzo is not just confining itself to the UK, though. Back in April I reported on the fact that the company’s Smart Energy Kit has been chosen for a trial in Amsterdam to find out how much energy home owners can save when given easy-to-understand information about their electricity consumption.

In fact Onzo has Business Development Directors targeting Europe, North America and Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. The company is discussing projects with a number of utilities around the world to use a combination of Onzo’s data capture and analysis capabilities, as well as consumer touch points and professional services.

The ‘trillion meter readings’ announcement doesn’t really mean very much, though. How often are readings taken? The company’s own literature says that “Cortex is capable of handling different data resolutions from monthly to one-second reads”. At one reading per second you only need to track 31,710 meters to reach a trillion readings in a year. Just so you know.

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