Thursday, 22 September 2011

1E opens office in Paris – one million tons of CO2 are at stake

1E 1E, best known for its NightWatchman PC power management product, has announced its expansion into France with the opening of an office in Paris.

The French office will be led by Christian Laloy, who launched the French subsidiary of Good Technology and has also held Global Account Manager roles at Quest Software, Insight and Microsoft. Simon Glusman, who worked as Technical Account Manager at LANDesk Software for over four years, has been named as Solutions Engineer of the operation.

1E will sell its entire suite of products in France, collectively described as the efficient IT suite. As well as PC power management, products include NightWatchman Server Edition, aimed at identifying servers that are running but not doing any work, Nomad Enterprise, a systems management product, AppClarity, which identifies software waste, and an apps store called Shopping.


1E needs to expand quickly as it is being closely chased by rivals. What makes the company different is it is more broadly focused on efficiency, rather than just energy savings. That’s a factor that has helped it get off the ground early and become a market leader. But as the focus turns more to energy savings across the IT operation it may well be that dedicated power saving companies (such as Joulex, which I reported on earlier this week) will have an advantage.

The company provides some interesting figures on the potential savings in France from using its NightWatchman and NightWatchman Server products. With 20 million PCs used in business in France and 520kWh wasted by any machine left on every night and at weekends, there is a potential to save 10.4bn kWh of power (although that assumes all business PCs in France are left on all the time, which will not be the case).

In addition, there are 1.3 million servers in France each emitting 3,100 kWh of energy per year each (including cooling). But since 15% of servers are generally doing nothing there is the potential to save  604.5m kWh.

So, according to 1E, the total potential savings in France from using NightWatchman (or equivalent) products are 11bn kWh of electricity, valued at €725m, and 990,405 metric tonnes of CO2.

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