Thursday, 1 September 2011

Citrix finalises RingCube acquisition

imageA couple of weeks ago Citrix Systems announced that it had completed its acquisition of RingCube, a company that provides personalisation solutions for virtual desktops.

Desktop virtualisation is starting to expand rapidly, partly because of the increasing move to the cloud. Rather than each user having their own PC, with desktop virtualisation you can use a ‘dumb’ device and run all your applications over the network from a virtual PC in the data centre. It can be a greener and more cost-effective solution, provided a thin client device is used and the virtual desktop is delivered from an efficient data centre.

But using VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has traditionally required a unique virtual desktop for each user in the data centre, which can be expensive to maintain. Alternatively, there is a single image of the Windows OS and each app in the data centre which is dynamically assembles at runtime as required. But that way all users get the same desktop configuration.

RingCube’s technology combines the two. It creates a personal vDisk for each employee that contains only the applications, data and settings that are unique to that user, while the Windows OS and all common corporate applications are stored just once in the data centre. So each user gets their own unique personal desktop each time they log in, while IT gets the advantages of centrally managing a single instance of Windows and each corporate application for all users while expanding the VDI implementation and reducing the cost per user.

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