Friday, 9 September 2011

Cleantech leads green company investment growth

image Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) has released its August 2011 update of the Green Transition Scoreboard (GTS) which tracks global private sector investments since 2007 in green companies and technologies. The total investment figure is now more than $2.4 trillion.

Ethical Markets Media is a multi-media company analysing and reporting on the transition to green business and on responsible, ethical investments and companies worldwide. The Scoreboard tracks five sectors: Renewable Energy, Efficiency and Green Construction, Cleantech, Smart Grid and Corporate R&D.

The largest area of investment is in renewable energy, which accounts for 64% of the total, followed by efficiency and green construction (14%). Cleantech accounted for $106bn and Smart Grid $161bn.

The overall figure is up $400bn since the previous GTS update in February, a 20% increase. But the fastest growing area of investment is cleantech, up over 62% ($40bn) since the last update. The GTS anticipates investments and commitments of $1 trillion annually until 2020. Corporate R&D and cleantech M&A are seen as driving much of the green economic growth.

“In a Wall Street versus Main Street discussion, the GTS shows how both types of investors increasingly are moving toward green technologies and processes,” says Rosalinda Sanquiche, Ethical Markets Media’s Executive Director and editor of the Green Transition Scoreboard report.


The analysis gives an indication of the underlying investor interest in green markets. On the surface it can look like some aspects of green ICT haven’t fulfilled their market promise, so its reassuring to see that there is a hive of activity underneath as investors position themselves to benefit from the opportunities in a growing green economy.

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