Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Interxion’s London data centre goes green

clip_image002European co-location data centre services company Interxion has announced that its London data centre has moved to reduce its carbon footprint by signing up to 100% renewable energy from UK provider SmartestEnergy.

SmartestEnergy describes itself as the UK’s leading purchaser and supplier of electricity from independent generators, sourcing power from wind, hydro and biomass, as well as using Combined Heat and Power(CHP) sources. The company provides a clear audit trail and records relevant renewable energy certificates for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO).

The City-based data centre is the latest of Interxion’s facilities to convert to 100% renewable energy as part of an ongoing sustainability programme. Other measures that the company has in place include a monthly overview of energy-efficiency, energy efficient components built into data centres, natural cooling wherever possible, and energy metering and efficiency measurements available to customers.


Data centres are already a major focus for green IT and that concern is extending to any company that offers IT hosting capabilities. An efficient data centre and/or renewable power is going to become a must-have in the hosting industry before long, potentially a supplier differentiator, so Interxion is just one example of a hosting company heading in this direction.

As more and more companies look for details of the carbon emissions from their suppliers, customer energy metering and measurement is going to become more important. It’s not an easy thing to do accurately, given the nature of shared resources like these, but the time will come when customers will need to use these energy measures to include in their own GHG Protocol Scope 3 emissions calculations.

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