Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Legal sector adopts carbon management

Greenstone A group of UK law firms have announced a partnership with carbon emissions management software company image Greenstone Carbon Management to provide an online portal for member firms to measure and report their carbon emissions. 

The law firms are part of the Legal Sector Alliance (LSA), a group that is committed to taking action on climate change through working together to reduce their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

LSA members will input their business data to Greenstone’s online Acco2unt solution to calculate the associated carbon emissions. The idea is that it will enable users to quickly and easily assess emissions as part of an annual reporting process.

Matthew de Villiers, Chief Executive at Greenstone said: “It is becoming increasingly clear that industry organisations like the LSA need to have efficient central processes, tools and administration to measure, report and benchmark carbon emissions and these environments are ideal for our Acco2untportal solution.”


This is the way that much of the carbon management solutions market is likely to go. Companies always tend to believe that their industry is, in some ways, unique. They need reassurance that IT solutions are suitable for their needs and it applies to green IT solutions as much as anything else.

It either means industry-specific modules to cover what differences there are, or some industry body providing reassurance by recommending a solution. In this case it is an easy-to-use online process backed by the LSA. Expect to see similar partnerships in other industry sectors.

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