Thursday, 15 September 2011

A new supplier sustainability tracking tool launched

Global consultancy company Aecom has launched a tool to assess the sustainability performance of a company’s supply chain. The Supplier Tracking and Assessment tool for Sustainability (STATS) collects and analyses data on supplier financial, social and environmental performance. 

Aecom is a Fortune 500 company with clients in around 125 countries and a revenue of $7.7bn. The company has a ‘leading’ environmental health and safety management and sustainability practice.

imageThe STATS tool pulls together supplier performance data and creates a scorecard for each one, as well as a ranking of suppliers and an automated  comparison process. It means that companies can increase transparency in sustainability reporting as well as building collaborative relationships across the supply chain.

Apparently developed in response to client requests, STATS is an Excel-based tool which can be customised for specific criteria over a range of standards. Aecom says it is particularly suited to companies making the initial steps to add sustainability assessments to their supplier management.

Jim Weinbauer, Vice President for Sustainability at Aecom said “Stakeholder expectations require a complete value chain approach to sustainable development including supply chain performance, manufacturing, product development/distribution/use and end of life.”


It sounds like a useful tool and reflects how far we’ve come in recent years in addressing supply chain sustainability. Three years ago there were very few companies looking outside their own operations – no one was really attempting to assess Scope 3 (supply chain) carbon emissions for example. Now it’s more mainstream and companies need the tools.

Aecom is not the only one supplying a solution but requirements will no doubt become more sophisticated. Not a new aspect of green ICT, but an expanding avenue for carbon emissions management software solutions to explore.

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