Monday, 5 September 2011

Silver Springs now integrates with Freestyle’s water meter

image Silver Springs Networks, which provides a smart grid networking platform, has announced that it is now integrated with Freestyle Technology’s smart water meter module.

California-based Silver Springs provides the infrastructure and services for utilities to run smart grid solutions. The company’s Smart Energy Platform enables 2-way connectivity between utilities and their customers. Australian company Freestyle has developed an application environment that links communications, metering and other sensory systems across the network.

The idea is that with Freestyle’s Zigbee(low-power wireless standard)-enabled smart water meter module, the Silver Spring networking platform can be leveraged to remotely manage water meters. 


A reminder that smart meters are not just for electricity. While most of the smart meter talk is power-related, because of the wider implications for electricity distribution and delivery and home energy management, smart meters can also help to better manage water use. Water management is going to be just as important (if not more so) in some parts of the world – Australia (where Freestyle is based) being one example, so its an area that smart meter solutions providers want to be involved in.

There’ll be many other partnerships, mergers and acquisitions in this area of green ICT in the coming months and years.

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