Monday, 31 October 2011

Envirowheel – Scotland’s first environmental business support portal

Scotland’s Minister for Environment and Climate Change has launched an online portal for environmental business support. The Scottish Envirowheel (yes – that’s what it’s called) is an online tool for Scottish businesses to identify sources of environmental advice and information.

The portal was created by Scottish Business in the Community, BT Scotland and the 2020 Climate Group, with help from the Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust, Zero Waste Scotland, SEPA and Scottish Enterprise, as a starting point for Scottish businesses to find out more about key areas of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Delivery Plan.




The interactive Envirowheel identifies and provides links to help in six areas: energy, transport, waste & water, behaviour change, finance & legislation and business improvement. In each section there is more content on a range of sub-topics, including case studies and training courses.

The tool includes design elements so that it can be tailored for individual businesses and the Envirowheel can also be embedded in other web sites to spread the message.


A good idea – information and education are a vital part of helping businesses become more environmentally aware and an online portal must be a great way of doing it (using social media might also be  good idea – how about an iPhone app?). A snappier name would have helped, though - I suspect the design came before the name.

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