Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Green IT Alliance formed in France

image A number of companies have come together in France to form the Green IT Alliance (agit). The overall aim is to help companies reduce their IT carbon footprint and to develop IT solutions that make their organisations more sustainable.

The group wants to educate users on green IT issues, get involved in the creation of standards and regulations, promote innovative approaches to Green IT, share best practice and fight greenwashing.

The Board of Directors consists of the three founding members, Tristan Labaume, founder of Greenvision, Thierry Rudowski, Co-founder of Zen'to, and Frédéric Bordage, who is an independent consultant and the man behind GreenIT.fr.

It’s an independent, non-commercial organisation open to any organisation providing Green IT services or solutions or wishing to contribute to the development of Green IT in France. Members already recruited include APC, APIS Engineering, Bluelight, Deal-Force, Ecologic, Evernity, Interexion, Markexpanciel, Optical Data Center (ODC), PCI and Sequovia.

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