Monday, 24 October 2011

ICT firms excel in Newsweek’s green company rankings

In Newsweek’s latest rankings of green companies, one of the most noticeable aspects is the number of ICT organisations that dominate the top-end of the rankings. For the US list, IBM is in top place, with six other ICT companies in the top 10. The global list is only a little less impressive, with five ICT businesses in the top 10.

The scores from which the rankings are derived are based on three components. Environmental impact accounts for 45% of the total score and is a measure of the company’s overall environmental footprint. Environmental management assesses each firm’s environmental policies, programmes and targets, as well as products and services, and also makes up 45% of the score. The remaining 10%, a new aspect added this year, is for reporting and transparency around environmental data. Two sets of rankings were produced, one listing the top 500 green US companies and one for global companies.

For the greenest US companies IBM tops the list. Also in the top 10 are HP (2), Sprint Nextel (3), Dell (5), Accenture (7), CA Technologies (9) and Nvidia (10). A total of 12 ICT companies were listed in the top 25.

For the Global list, IBM was in second place, followed by BT Group (6), Tata Consulting Services (7), Infosys (8) and Swisscom (10). In all there were 14 ICT companies in the top 25.

Looking at the top 25 Global rankings by nationality, while there are more US companies than from any other country – four in all – after IBM in second place the next greenest US ICT company is in 15th place (HP). By comparison, India has two companies in the top 25 of the Global green list, but they are in seventh and eighth place – an impressive showing. All other countries have just one ICT player in the top 25 – UK, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Germany, Finland, Korea and Italy.


ICT companies come in for a lot of stick because their products and services consume a lot of energy, but the Newsweek assessment helps redress the balance. The industry does seem to be putting in the effort to be at least above average in their green efforts.

Of course it’s not just for altruistic reasons. The industry is very aware of how important green ICT is in achieving a low-carbon economy and hence the business opportunities in the future. Making the company and its products and services as green as possible is a potential differentiator in winning that business. No bad thing, though.

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  1. Hi Pete,
    Agree that ICTs have both competitive advantage and corp social responsibility reasons for designing and utilizing energy saving products. One of Intel IT’s best practices has been implementation of a data center refresh program...we expect to save approximately $650M over 5 years!