Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Oracle test processes a billion smart meter readings in an hour

Oracle Oracle has announced that in a test its Utilities Meter Data Management software processed 1 billion smart meter reads per hour. The software also calculated four bill determinants for each of 19.3 million bills — a total of more than 77 million bill determinants. (A bill determinant is the results of a calculation that produces a customer’s consumption for a defined period of time.) The test used data from 5.5 million smart meters measuring consumption in 15-minute intervals.


Well someone needs to check whether it’s possible to handle the vast amounts of data that will be generated by smart meters! It’s a question that will become even more important over time. As smart grids are rolled out they’ll need software to process extremely high volumes of consumption data and as the grids and meters become more sophisticated the volume is likely to increase significantly. It’s not just for the utilities’ benefit - consumers will want to know their consumption and tariffs and be able to adjust accordingly, in real time.

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