Tuesday, 11 October 2011

UK Government launches a biomass carbon calculator

The UK Government has launched a Biomass and Biogas Carbon Calculator designed to help bioenergy producers report to Ofgem for compliance with the requirements of the Renewables Obligation Order. The Order places an obligation on licensed electricity suppliers in the UK to source an increasing proportion of electricity from renewable sources.

The software, developed by E4tech, calculates the greenhouse gas emissions of generation plants fuelled with solid biomass and biogas. It can also produce annual reporting tables, which should help electricity generators report the carbon intensity of their electricity to Ofgem on an annual basis.

The software is based on the calculation methodology set out in the European Commission's Renewable Energy Directive. E4tech developed the Calculator with input from generators, trade associations and representatives from the farming, forestry and waste sectors. The project is supported by the Environment Agency, the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the NNFCC, and the Calculator is available on Ofgem's website.

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