Monday, 14 November 2011

Infor moves into energy management with ENXSuite purchase

Infor logoBusiness applications software company Infor has acquired ENXSuite (previously known as Carbonetworks), a cloud-based energy performance management platform. ENXSuite provides feedback on energy use that helps companies plan, analyse and manage their energy and sustainability footprint.

The ENXSuite product line will augments Infor10 EAM, the company’s existing demand reduction and conservation solutions, by enabling users to transform their energy, carbon, water and waste assets into manageable financial assets. Infor10 EAM Enterprise Sustainability solution monitors asset health and behaviour, detects trends and anomalies, forecasts performance issues and measures and manages performance against targets.


Actually the acquisition was almost a month ago, but it’s worth a mention.

Infor claims to be the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services, helping 70,000 customers in 164 countries. I talked to the company about its green IT activities a couple of years ago and was quite impressed by their product development – they had been working on sustainability aspects since the start of 2008. It seemed to me then the Infor had the advantage of being privately held, with its own financial backing, which allowed it to invest early in the sustainable aspects of its product range in anticipation of market demand. At the time Infor was well ahead of most of its enterprise market competitors in developing new green IT solutions. (Competitors I spoke to at the time were still playing a wait-and-see game).

The main focus of Infor’s approach back then was to add capabilities to current solutions to help customers minimise the environmental impact of existing operations. But this is a company that was built on acquisition (Systems Union, SSA Global, Baan, Datastream, Mapics and Infinium Software among them) so it’s no surprise that the company bought the additional capabilities it needed in energy and carbon management.

One other thing I noted back in 2009 was that infor’s green efforts were very much confined to its product offerings – the company had made little effort to address emissions internally and nor was it involved in any green lobbying groups or industry organisations. If the web site is anything to go by, that still seems to be the case.

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