Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mouchel launches a Carbon Management Centre

Mouchel Infrastructure and business services group Mouchel has partnered with Bournemouth Borough Council to launch a Carbon Management Centre of Excellence (CMCoE) at Bournemouth University's Executive Business Centre.

Mouchel is working with the Council to tackle climate change while also generating local jobs. To help do this the centre includes a virtual team that is helping to source, fund and introduce cost-effective technology into the UK to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Part of the CMCoE will be a new service called CRedIT (Carbon Reduction Innovation Team) which works with organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs by providing access to carbon emissions reduction technology. Mouchel will independently verify technology suppliers' operational and performance data.


Actually the Centre was opened in October, only a month after Mouchel announced that it was partnering with Greenstone Carbon Management to provide Greenstone’s green IT solutions and services to Mouchel’s UK clients. I guess the company had the Carbon Management Centre in mind at the time.

But Mouchel is not a happy organisation at the moment. It’s financial results, due in October, have been delayed till the end of November amid problems paying off debts, lower than expected profits and recently replaced CEO and Chairman. The Carbon Management centre may well end up as part of a different organisation.

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