Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Solvay spins out HSE outsourcing company eSpheres

International Chemicals group Solvay has announced that it has spun-out a company in health, safety and environment (HSE) information management called eSpheres. The new company will offer outsourcing services and a suite of HSE information management solutions and consulting services based on SAP software.

eSpheres’ aim is to deliver HSE services more efficiently, based on better information, and more consistently compliant with regulation and legislation. The new company will support key HSE areas, including product regulatory compliance, product safety, environmental performance, industrial hygiene, employee incident and accident activities, as well as sustainability performance.

Brussels-based Solvay will provide support and in-house expertise to eSpheres. The new spin-out company’s services will be delivered on demand (Software-as-a-Service) so available from any location and with minimal upfront investments.

According to Stefan Vanhelleputte, CIO at Solvay, “The combination of full HSE and sustainability domain coverage, on-demand delivery via the cloud, including integration with a customer’s own data and preconfigured SAP software is unique in this field. We are convinced we can offer our customers strong value by integrating HSE management and information solutions with SAP software”.


Much of the Green IT solutions market growth comes from either new sector start-ups, such as the range of new carbon management software suppliers, or from existing companies in related fields, for instance health and safety systems companies increasingly expanding into broader environmental and sustainability areas. (That’s partly because health and safety has often been the internal department first given the responsibility for carbon management and other corporate sustainability issues).

What we haven’t seen much of (yet) is new spin-out operations from experienced corporate organisations, such as this, but there will undoubtedly be more. Large commercial operations that have acquired specific skills in niche sustainability and related markets may well see the growth opportunity in spinning out these skills, particularly in an otherwise slow market.

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