Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Guest posts welcome on The Green IT Review

You may have noticed that The Green IT Review is now open to contributions. Chris Smith, from on365, kicked off this morning with a post on ‘The data centre manager’s green dilemma’.

The aim of opening up the blog is to make it as informative and opinionated as possible. So if you work in the industry and want your views heard by a dedicated green IT and cleantech readership then send your contribution to me at pete.foster@thegreenitreport.com.

Guest posts will identify the author, position and company, together with a website link. There needs to be a few rules - contributions should be:
  • On subject, i.e. green/sustainable ICT or cleantech (or directly related).
  • Either news related, relevant to recent coverage in the blog or focusing on some specific green IT/cleantech issue. Blatant marketing/advertising will not be accepted.
  • No more than 500 words (although there may be exceptions).
  • Original, i.e. all the contributor’s own work. If it has already been published somewhere else then please say so when you submit the post.
  • In appropriate language. I also reserve the right to edit for spelling and grammar.
Note that submitting a contribution doesn’t necessarily mean it will be posted. The editor’s decision on whether to publish is final.  

Be aware that The Green IT Review posts are often re-published and distributed elsewhere by other blogs and publications. By offering a post you are agreeing to any republishing as part of The Green IT Review.

I look forward to reading some interesting and stimulating contributions!

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