Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mobile company introduces a biodegradable SIM card

French mobile phone company SFR is introducing a ‘paper’ SIM card which is biodegradable and recyclable. Developed by Oberthur Technologies, a French chip card company, apart from the microcontroller itself it consists entirely of natural wood fibres.

Apparently the card performs in the same way as the usually plastic-based versions, but being wood-based has a reduced environmental impact. Lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are 30% less, according to research from SFR.

The card was launched on November 17 with a pilot involving 10,000 cards for new or renewing SFR customers.


Last year the company introduced biodegradable plant-based plastic for its SIM cards, made from a renewable material derived from corn, sugarcane or potato starch. Now it seems to have gone one stage further. The new card apparently only saves about six grams of CO2e per customer (according to, equivalent to 132 tonnes of CO2e across all SFR customers. But, as they say, every little counts.

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