Sunday, 15 January 2012

Interxion provides 50% renewable energy to its data centre customers

InterxionNetherlands-based co-location company Interxion has announced that more than half of the power provided for its data centre customers now comes from renewable energy sources. Solar, wind, geothermic, tidal or hydro energy is available in its data centres in 11 countries across Europe and 100% green power is used in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The provision of power from renewable sources to drive down carbon emissions is one of a range of sustainable initiatives from Interxion. The company has also driven its PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) down year-on-year through a mix of design, procurement and operational measures. The company also uses alternative cooling sources, such as sea-water cooling, wherever practical and is in the process of implementing closed-loop energy recycling systems, where the heat generated in the data centre is recycled for use elsewhere.


All good stuff, but not entirely altruistic. Peter Cladingbowl, Interxion SVP Engineering & Operations Support, is quoted as saying “Over half of the power we provide comes from sustainable sources in order to offer a choice of renewable energy to our customers, many of whom are among the global leaders in addressing corporate social responsibility issues and the environmental impact of their ICT infrastructure.”

If you want to supply the big companies then you can’t ignore their sustainable IT/supply chain programmes, which will inevitable include reducing carbon emissions. It’s good to see that Interxion is also addressing data centre efficiency and heat output issues as well, though – just using renewable power is not the complete solution.

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