Wednesday, 25 January 2012

PrimeEnergyIT – an EU energy efficient IT project

I’ve just come across PrimeEnergyIT, an EU-funded project aimed at supporting the market development of energy efficient IT equipment, including server, data storage, network and facility equipment, as well as new power management technologies. The project has been running since 2010 and due to end this year, so I hope it’s reached its target audience (but just not me).

Anyway, PrimeEnergyIT has developed tools and services for IT people, including:

  • hardware and service based energy efficiency criteria and metrics

  • guidelines on energy efficient equipment and best practise

  • education and training of IT and infrastructure managers and experts

  • guidelines and criteria for procurement and management

Energy efficient IT and infrastructureThe project is run by an international consortium of national agencies and research institutes in collaboration with a number of industrial partners. One outcome of the project is a 52-page overview of current technologies supporting energy efficient IT. The report, called ‘Energy efficient IT and infrastructure for data centres and server rooms’, covers all essential IT technologies in the data centre and covers a number of topics, including system design, power management for both hardware and the data centre as a whole, and also consolidation and virtualisation approaches.

It’s a useful report, with recommendations for best practice and resources for further reading. As it says itself “The brochure provides a source of basic information for IT and infrastructure managers to support energy- and cost-efficiency”.

But its not just this report. In the ‘Education materials’ area of the site there are further documents going into more background and detail of specific aspects of green IT, including servers, storage, networks, cooling and free cooling. It’s a useful resource, and all free to download.

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