Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Verdiem partners with Information Builders

Verdiem PC power management company Verdiem has announced a partnership with business intelligence (BI) software company Information Builders. Verdiem will integrate Information Builders’ technology into its solution to make it easier for users to develop power management policies and manage energy consumption.

Under the agreement, Verdiem is integrating Information Builders’ WebFOCUS solution into its Surveyor 6 platform to enable centralised power management to distributed IT devices.  Surveyor 6 measures key industry metrics like energy consumption, energy cost savings and carbon dioxide emission reductions. The partnership means that the data is more accessible to users, who can also drill down for deeper analysis. WebFOCUS' browser-based platform also enables self-service access to these reports and the data can also be shared with broader audiences via a web portal.

In larger enterprises it can be difficult to handle the scale of data collected by Surveyor 6, hence the use of WebFOCUS. It means the data can be more easily applied to optimise energy consumption and make more informed decisions about reducing IT operating costs and power management policies. As the variety of IT devices Surveyor supports expands, WebFOCUS can scale up.

Verdiem claims that 30%-50% energy and cost savings can be achieved using Surveyor 6, with return on investment in five to eight months.


The power management solutions market seems to be developing a fundamental rift. On one side are companies like Verdiem that offer increasingly deep functionality and the means to tailor (and integrate) the software as part of a corporate power reduction monitoring and reduction strategy. On the other side are those providing simpler and easier to install solutions. This camp includes desktop management companies offering power management functionality, but also suppliers such as Joulex, with products increasingly integrated across the IT infrastructure.

It’s horses for courses – both sectors have significant market potential. But at the top end, where the likes of Verdiem and 1E sit, there is likely to be a lot more of this type of partnering (or even acquisitions) as specialist IT power management companies come together to provide broader and more comprehensive solutions to the corporate market.

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