Tuesday, 21 February 2012

IT Power management company launches £3m fund

UK-based IT power management company Gill IT has launched a £3m fund to help organisations reduce the cost of PC power management. The Gill IT PCPM fund is designed to help reduce the cost of central power management implementation, which can be costly if you have a lot of PCs.  The fund is only available for Gill IT’s Utopia Power Manager, the company’s enterprise power management product.


All organisations are eligible for help in funding their implementation, but UK companies have preference. The amount of support given will depend on criteria such as, type of organisation (profit/non-profit making/academic) and number of PCs onsite.

Most of the money has come from Gill IT itself, helped by private investors. The expectation is that after the first year clients will renew as paid licenses for Gill IT’s Utopia Power Manager, hence the company’s investment.

If you want to apply for funding there is more information here.


Well, firstly the plug for PC power management in general, pretty much a no-brainer if you want to save carbon emissions and money. Gill IT says that their product can save on average £30/$48 per PC per year – a total of £30,000/$48,000 if you have 1,000 PCs. Pay-back time on initial investment varies between 3-12 months. Most PC power management products make similar claims.

The strange thing is, as I found when I researched this market in depth a year or so ago, even with a fast return on investment, companies are reluctant to spend the money in the current economic climate. That’s the problem that Gill IT is addressing with this fund. (In the US and Canada power companies have, in the past, provided rebates for the purchase of power management products, significantly boosting take-up).

It’s also worth mentioning that these products are now very sophisticated (although I can’t specifically comment on Gill IT’s offering). Safe to say that most of the traditional objections about user flexibility, the ability to wake machine for maintenance tasks, etc. no longer apply.

Here endeth the lesson. So if you really can’t afford to pay for it all yourself, talk to Gill IT.

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