Monday, 27 February 2012

Joulex responds to enterprise IT energy management demands

Joulex Enterprise Energy management systems company Joulex has launched version 3 of the Joulex Energy Manager (JEM) suite. The main enhancements that the company has made are a more scalable, centralised reporting and management layer, a better dashboard and new reports, and threshold alerting and auto response. The software is available for the Joulex PC, distributed office, Cisco EnergyWise and data centre product lines.

According to the company, the enhancements are in response to demand from large multi-national and multi-language enterprises. Tom Noonan, president and CEO, said, “This 3.0 release of the Joulex Energy Manager platform delivers on the requirements of our global customers who have implemented our solutions across their enterprises and want enterprise-level reporting for hundreds of thousands of devices across their highly distributed offices and data centres worldwide.”

Among the features of the new release are:

  • Implementation on single devices or distributed deployments across multiple locations. The platform now scales to support one million devices;

  • New embeddable widgets, such as heat maps, data centre Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), centralised server statistics and health status, and server resource charts. These can be exported to share real time progress against corporate sustainability initiatives;

  • Improved screen layouts. Reports available in six languages and can be scheduled to be sent automatically;

  • New reports for Sustainable procurement, data centre metrics and distributed office usage analysis;

  • Threshold alerting, based on power, utilisation, temperature, etc, and auto notification or response;


Joulex seems to be on a roll at the moment, at least in terms of product development. It was only in September that the last version of the JEM suite was released, with a focus more on expanding the power management capabilities themselves. This one seems to be more about usability.

As I mentioned at the time of the last release, the rapid development is helped by the $17m the company raised last June. In this highly competitive market Joulex seems to be going full out to cover all bases, particularly for the enterprise market. These large companies have more complex needs, but are also a huge market.

JEM’s claim to fame is that it is the first network-based, agentless energy management system that measures the energy consumption and utilisation of all network-connected devices and systems. I don’t know if that’s actually true – most aspects are also available from other vendors - but they seem to have a very good PR operation pushing the fact.

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