Friday, 9 March 2012

Remote tyre pressure gauge saves fuel and tyres

As time goes on it’s increasingly going to be small, incremental steps that help us reduce the carbon emissions that are causing climate change. One of those is a solution from Canadian company Vigia that tells fleet managers when a truck’s tyres are underinflated.

imageThe system integrates tyre inflation information with an existing fleet telematics solution and can pass on the information that a tyre is low on pressure to a computer or mobile device. It also incorporates a digital cab-mounted control panel.

The environmental benefits are obvious. As Vigia points out, for every PSI of under-inflation, a vehicle consumes 0.8% more fuel, so there are significant savings in emissions and fuel costs in getting it right (particularly with European fuel prices – in the UK we have just reached an all-time high).

There are also savings in tyres themselves. Apparently improper inflation accounts for 80% of retread separations, cuts, flats and blowouts. Under-inflation of only 5 PSI reduces tyre life by 25%, so that’s a lot of tyre manufacture that could be saved.

On top of that, under-inflated tyres are a major cause of accidents.


This Vigia solution shows that it doesn’t have to be particularly sophisticated technology to improve sustainability. Green IT can be just about providing the right information to the right place at the right time.

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