Tuesday, 10 April 2012

CarrierNet provides live sustainability indicators for logistics operations

Deltion has released version 6 of its CarrierNet transport management solution aimed at reducing logistics operation costs and improving sustainability. UK-based Deltion claims that CarrierNet was the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) logistics solution. With the latest version, the software makes it easier to identify ways to save costs and minimise environmental impacts.

New features include a real-time dashboard that gives visibility of what is going on in the transport operation. The dashboard’s needle gauges and charts give an overview of information on such things as empty running, load fill, asset utilisation, depot performance and load builds.

The live screen map allows a user to look at a route and gauge the efficiency of each part of it. A ‘traffic light’ ranking system will display a leg of the route in green if it is running full, amber if there is a load on board that could be optimised and red when it’s empty. (Users can set their own parameters driving the traffic lights). The map also identifies what loads are available around that route.

Live Feed Dashboard

The new version of CarrierNet also makes greater use of interactive maps in planning. Users can see and modify actions on a map and get instant indicators of whether the modifications will help avoid empty or low running mileage.

The efficient management of loads and routes is the most critical aspect of any logistics operation, given the cost implications of running with a partial or empty load. Issues of carbon emissions have just made the concern more acute.

Strategies to optimise loads are not new, but the whole process is becoming simpler to manage through software like this. The SaaS approach means that the solution can be shared across the company, simple to read and assess dashboards allow for fast alerts to issues, and testing solutions with interactive maps makes it quick and easy to address problems.

Like many green ICT solutions, its not revolutionary, just a question of pulling all the pieces together.

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