Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is Apple’s business model sustainable?

Apple There’s been a lot of adverse comment about Apple in recent months, some in this blog. Much of it refers to the conditions of workers in factories owned by Foxconn, an Apple subcontractor in China. Meanwhile, Apple has amassed so much money that it has been obliged to return some to shareholders via, share buy-back and paying dividends.

But perhaps the bottom line should be: Is Apple’s business model sustainable? Whatever you think sustainable means, or should, mean, there’s an argument that Apple’s current approach is not sustainable in the long term.

There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper on the subject. See what you think:

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  1. I am going to not rpelace my much loved airbook due to unsustainable practices at Apple. The prob with the old one is a reconginsed design quality issue (broken hinge) that renders an otherwise fine lapt top unusable, unless you want to pay the price of a new machine to repair it. Totally unsustainable and for me, outweghs my love of the product; I'll have to find something that is pro repair and resuse given the costs of production for the mac air in green terms.