Friday, 18 May 2012

Drivegain saves £560 a year in fuel costs

DriveGain is an iPhone application that helps you save fuel as you drive (which I first mentioned a year ago). For one driver it has resulted in using 24% less fuel, which adds up to a saving of £560 a year (in UK prices).

DriveGain uses the iPhone’s GPS to calculate how efficiently a vehicle is being driven. It combines information about the rates of acceleration, driving smoothness and overall speed with the car specifications, giving the driver feedback on how they can reduce fuel consumption.

imageThere’s also a free version that offers a miles-per-gallon (and presumably Kilometres per litre) reading and a JourneyScore out of 100 for each trip. You can buy other displays, such as the  Cost Meter and Fuel Savings Meter as add-ons.

The real-world fuel savings data from using Drivegain comes from a Dutch driver who has increased his mileage from one tank of fuel from 370 miles to 490 miles. Ed de Tollenaer said “To get these savings I just followed the audio feedback and the visual displays the app gave me. Changing your driving style requires breaking some old driving habits so having the app constantly giving me encouraging feedback helps a lot”.


Well it’s a great product from this London-based start-up company, formed in 2008, although it does currently rely on Apple products – primarily an iPhone. Other smart phones have now caught up.

But as I said when I first reported on the product, Drivegain is no doubt very good at helping you develop more fuel-efficient driving habits, but once you have the habit there’s no real need for the app.

If you don’t have an iPhone and want to save money and the planet, I would suggest you simply find out more about eco driving, from, for instance, I did.

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