Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Greenstone releases portal to share responsible sourcing information

GreenstoneGreenstone Carbon Management has launched SupplierPortal, an online portal for suppliers and their buyers to share and monitor environment, labour, imagehealth and safety, and anti-bribery and corruption information. Suppliers can record their responsible sourcing information once and then publish it to multiple buyers. SupplierPortal will also calculate suppliers’ carbon, waste and water footprints based on business consumption data uploaded to the portal. 

For buyers, SupplierPortal is an information management platform providing individual supplier reports, group comparisons and customisable benchmarks. It enables buying organisations to monitor and compare supplier performance.

For suppliers, the web-based tool can address multiple buyer information requests through a single portal response. The data can be published to existing, new and prospective customers as required. The solution also includes a data entry wizard for suppliers to record, calculate and report their annual carbon, waste and water footprints.



For suppliers the cost is £175 (+VAT if applicable) to register online with SupplierPortal, enter company’s details and upload data. For that suppliers also get tools to help calculate carbon and other footprints, downloadable reports as well as a range of user guides and support materials. There’s no charge to buyers.


Once you include the supply chain into various aspects of sustainability monitoring – from low-carbon to health and safety – then managing the data can become a real  problem for buyers and suppliers.

SupplierPortal is a good idea, but much will depend on take-up. Buyers will need to see lots of suppliers signed up in order for it to be worthwhile using the service, and suppliers won’t pay unless there are real benefits from buyers using the information. It’s going to take some encouragement from Greenstone to set the ball rolling. No doubt there are (or will be) other similar services vying for the attention of buyers and suppliers.

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