Wednesday, 16 May 2012

HP opens a technology renewal centre in Scotland

HPHP has announced the opening of a technology renewal centre in Erskine, Scotland. The centre will allow enterprise customers to acquire certified legacy HP products and participate in equipment re-use programmes, regardless of equipment type or manufacturer. The facility will renew old IT equipment that could otherwise be destined for a landfill.

The new facility provides customers with a range of IT asset management and reuse services focused on helping large business enterprises handle the life cycle of IT equipment. Renewal services are a key component of the centre’s operations, with IT equipment put through a process that includes reconditioning, testing and certifying back to original manufacturing standards before they are remarketed.

The facility is owned and operated by HP Financial Services, the company’s leasing and asset management subsidiary, which is apparently the second largest captive IT leasing company in the world, managing and remarketing more than 2.3 million used computers each year. As customers deploy new technology solutions, HP Financial Services will remove and dismantle old or end-of-life equipment that no longer meets strategic needs.


HP, and other IT manufacturers, have always had enterprise asset management programmes that include taking back equipment at end-of-life. (They now also have obligations under European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE – legislation). What is evolving, as demonstrated by this facility, is the increased focus on renewing old equipment to get it back into the market. Re-use is by far the most environmentally sound action at product end-of-life.

This is going to increasingly be a focus area for IT companies to demonstrate their green credentials. How much equipment is taken back, from what sorts of customers and what proportion is refurbished for reuse?

To its credit, HP already provides some figures in its Global Citizens report:

  • Hardware reuse programmes in 53 countries
  • Hardware recycling programme in 49 countries
  • 30,000 tonnes (3.8 million units) of hardware recovered for reuse and remarketing

The transparency is good, but there’s clearly a long way to go yet in remarketing and reuse programmes.

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