Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Apple backs down on EPEAT

AppleIn a letter from Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Hardware Engineering, on the Apple website, the company has said that it made a mistake in removing its products from the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) rating system and that all eligible Apple products are now back in EPEAT.

I mentioned last week that Apple had exited from the EPEAT system, but it may have been the publicity that surrounded the decision by the city of San Francisco to drop Apple products as a result that made the company think again.

As it is, the letter from Mansfield goes no further than 'I recognize that this was a mistake’. There’s no explanation or apology. What the letter does do is emphasise that ‘Apple makes the most environmentally responsible products in our industry’. Whether or not that’s the case, the point is that the company, indeed all IT companies, should be transparent in working with the industry to make all products as green as possible. Making unilateral decisions doesn’t help, and tends to backfire.

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