Monday, 9 July 2012

UK government releases its first Greening Government ICT progress report

The UK Government has released the Greening Government: ICT Annual Report, which details the progress of various government departments towards the government’s green commitments. According to the report, significant progress has already been made in the last six months.

In October 2011, the coalition Government published its ‘Greening Government: ICT Strategy’ which set out how the Green Agenda would apply to the Government ICT Strategy. I commented on it at the time. It was endorsed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Delivery Board and this is the progress report for 2011/12.

The findings included the following:

  • The Green ICT Maturity Assessment measures how well Government departments are adopting a range of Green ICT standards and principles. Of the 12 departments that completed the assessment, the average score was 2.4 (out of five) – the target is an average level of maturity of three.

  • Twelve (12) Government Departments completed the Green ICT Roadmap, which measures progress towards 14 Key Target Outcomes (KTOs). Eight reported work in progress to achieve the target of 10 or more by 2015.


The report estimates that 232,000 tCO2 emissions have been saved with an estimated cost saving across government of £1.262m over the year to the end March 2012 from adopting and embedding Greener ICT practices and principles.

There’s more detail in the report, including the fact that, across ten Government Departments that submitted returns, the average PUE for data centres was estimated at 1.87. The Government expects to achieve a PUE of 1.5 or better as data centres are rationalised as part of the green strategy.

There’s a lot of information in this report, not always easy to understand because of the various ways that the Government presents the data. It seems to me to be overly complex, it makes it difficult to get a clear view of progress.

It also bothers me that the Government seems to have decided what the targets should be and then congratulates itself on achieving them. It would be helpful if each progress report spelled out the targets and timescales with a brief justification, so readers can make their own judgements on achievements.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has welcomed the progress report, though.

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