Friday, 3 August 2012

Carbon Trust and CRedit360 to deliver value chain carbon management software

Carbon TrustThe UK’s Carbon Trust, initially set up by the government to promote the move to a low-carbon economy, has partnered with sustainability software supplier CRedit360 to develop a series of imagesoftware solutions to enable companies to cost effectively manage value chain carbon emissions.

The commercial collaboration will develop a series of software solutions that provide the capability to calculate, interpret and make recommendations on carbon reduction activities. While most carbon footprinting tools only include direct and indirect operational emissions - Scope 1 and 2 emissions under the Kyoto Greenhouse Gas Protocol – this value chain footprinting also includes Scope 3 emissions. It covers the full lifecycle, from suppliers to consumers, and includes all use and end of life emissions.



The Carbon Trust points out that there is clear evidence that having a robust carbon management strategy across a corporate value chain can deliver significant rewards, including brand equity, cost reduction, revenue enhancement and risk mitigation. But accurately measuring value chain emissions can be complex and time consuming, hence the coming together of the two organisations, the Carbon Trust providing the footprinting experience and CRedit360's bringing the software expertise.


The Carbon Trust is now an independent company with no government support so has been expanding its operations into new revenue channels. Developing software tools for carbon footprinting is one avenue to pursue. It certainly has extensive experience, including a role in the development of the GHG Protocol ICT footprinting standard, which is due shortly.

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