Monday, 20 August 2012

The GRI is looking for feedback on its draft guidance for greenhouse gas reporting

GRIThe Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is asking the public to comment on the next generation of its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – G4. The GHG Emissions Working Group has proposed new content for G4 that more closely aligns GRI’s guidance with the GHG Protocol standards, jointly released by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the ISO 14064 standard produced by the International Standards Organisation.

As the GRI points out, GHG accounting and reporting is a fast-moving area, with increasing regulatory requirements. Public interest is growing rapidly and demands for information about companies’ emissions will continue to increase, hence the need for feedback.

A draft of G4 is now available and as part of the development process an additional 90-day Public Comment Period is now open for organisations and individuals to share their views and help shape reporting. The comment period is open until 12 November - for more information and to download the consultation documents, visit the GRI website.


The more the standards for emissions calculation and reporting are aligned the more likely they are to be adopted, so the closer the GRI standard and the GHG Protocol methodology the better. But it also needs to fit with the demand of users, in terms of content and presentation, so if you have any views, let them know.

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