Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Carbon Trust has released the latest version of its carbon footprinting software

Carbon TrustThe Carbon Trust has launched version 4.0 of Footprint Expert, its carbon footprinting software. The latest version enables carbon footprints of products and services to be calculated against PAS2050:2011 and the WRI/WBCSD GHG Product Standard. It means that a footprinting exercise carried out using the software is likely to be accepted worldwide. The Carbon Trust can also provide certification for product carbon footprints to both new standards

The benefits from the latest version of the software include:

  • imageIdentifying cost savings across the supply chain

  • Identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact through reductions in material use, water, waste and energy

  • Input to innovation for low carbon and sustainable product design

  • Understanding supply chain risks and preparing for future legislation

  • Enhancing brands and winning tenders with business-to-business customers though better environmental credentials, carbon labelling and communications

For direct customers, a one-year licence for access to Footprint Expert costs from £1,500 plus VAT, with a renewal fee in subsequent years from £1,000 plus VAT.


Review:  The quicker and simpler carbon footprinting can be the better. What stands in the way of many company efforts is lack of understanding and the belief that you need to hire consultants to do the job properly. That can be prohibitively expensive if you have a regular stream of new products. £1,000 a year seems like a good deal.

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