Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Meter Data Management Systems will serve 480 million smart meters by 2020 – Pike

According to a new report from Pike Research, annual installations of meter data management (MDM) systems will reach nearly 90 million smart meters by 2020. The total installed base will serve 484 million meters in the same year.

MDM systems capture all metering data from smart meter systems and create a clean and complete system of record.

imageThe report says that there has been a shift in the MDM market as vendors have moved into offering additional analytical capabilities. The drivers from smart grid data analytics together with better visibility into advance metering infrastructure (AMI) implementation plans mean steady growth in the market for the rest of the decade.

North America and Europe will remain the major markets throughout the forecast period, the study finds. Significant activity is also likely to occur in Asia Pacific during the second half of the decade, where large deployments in China and India will exert severe downward pricing pressure on MDM software licenses. Managed service offerings will produce the lion’s share of MDM revenue throughout the forecast period.


Review:  This is a market that started out as simply managing the data coming back from smart meters, but is now having to face up to the larger problem. In the age of Big Data (potentially millions of meter readings feed back every quarter of an hour), the real challenge is what to do with the data when you’ve got it, so MDM systems are increasingly competing with data analytics solutions.

The report apparently goes into all this in more detail, including how vendors differentiate themselves and how the market is segmented. It’s a challenging time for vendors.

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